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Binary option trading is growing increasingly popular amongst both experienced traders and total newbies to the stock markets, everyday more and more people in South Africa and across the world are enjoying the benefits that this new form of stock market investing has to offer.

Binary option trading became accessible to the general public back in 2008 and since then people all over the world have been enjoying the financial rewards that it offers – binary option trading can provide you with the extra income to finance a lavish holiday, or buy that new car that you want. There are even those who have been able to quit the 9 to 5 grind and trade options full-time.

The moneymaking power of binary options is unlimited, with low-level entry points and quick, high returns the sky really is the limit, and the best thing about binary options is that no prior experience of stock markets or stock market trading is required – anyone can profit from binary options.

What is binary option trading?

Trading binary options is really quite simple, you simply predict if a the price of a stock market assets be it a commodity, indices, currency or stock option will go up or down by the end of a certain time frame (expiry time). If your prediction is correct you can make up to and over 71% profit on your initial investment, of course if your prediction is incorrect you stand to lose your initial investment.

Expiry times can vary but they are usually around ten minutes, which means that you only have to wait a short period to see if your prediction is correct.

Binary Options Trading with anyoption.ca:

anyoption are the world leading binary option platform our name has been synonymous with binary options since the beginning, indeed many in the industry consider us to be the founding fathers of option trading.

At anyoption we make it easy to trade binary options by offering a state of the art, all-inclusive trading platform that provides our customers with everything needed to trade binary options successfully.

Here are just some of the reasons that make us the #1 choice of trading platform for hundreds and thousands of traders the world over.


  • Support – We pride ourselves on our dedicated customer support team that are on hand to take your calls, and answer any question that you might have 24/7.
  • Intuitive Platform – At anyoption, we provide our customers with a trading platform that is unrivalled within the industry. Trading options with our platform is straightforward, intuitive with little or no learning curve involved.
  • Learning Tools – At anyoption we believe that by educating our customer’s they will become better traders, and you can find in-depth training guides inside the member’s area, which will teach you everything that you need to know about the world of binary option trading. We also provide customers with the latest financial allowing you to make trading decisions based on up to date information and data.
  • Underlying assets – The anyoption platform offers one of the largest selection of underlying assets, allowing you to take positions on assets that you want to trade, assets that interest you. You can choose from hundreds of options from the world’s leading stock exchanges from commodities, indices, currency pairs, and stock options across a wide range of expiry times.
  • Innovative ways to trade – At anyoption we not only offer  hundreds of options to trade, but we also offer a number of innovative ways to trade such as One-touch, Option +, and our latest addition 0-100 which enables investors to make returns of up to and over 1000% of their initial investment.

At anyoption we provide you with everything you need to trade binary options just Click here to open a FREE anyoption account today and you too could be enjoying the benefits that binary option trading has to offer, you never know, it might just change your life.