2.1 Trading in financial markets in general and purchasing binary options in particular is speculative and involves an extremely high risk. It is manifestly stated by the Client that he fully understands that minor differences in market prices may occur in ultra-short time periods and may cause high profits or losses in relation to the binary options acquired be the Client, as high as total loss of the Client’s entire investment, all in short time period. Furthermore, it is stated by the Client that the Client fully understands that there is no existing method that can assure profits from Transactions in financial markets, including binary options. Binary options trading should therefore be carried out only with “risk capital”, defined as funds that are not necessary to the Client’s survival or well-being. It is the Client’s responsibility to consider whether binary options trading is suitable to the Client’s financial position and investment objectives.

If the Client does not thoroughly understand the risks involved in binary Options trading nor anyoption’s various trading rules and policies, the Client is hereby instructed not to utilize or stop utilizing anyoption’s services in the Site.

2.2 By registering to the Site and carrying out each Transaction, the Client hereby approves that reading, understanding and being fully aware of the following:

2.2.1 The type of Transactions offered on the Site may be considered special risk transactions and carrying them out might involve high level of risk.

2.2.2 Client has full information and knowledge regarding options trading, including binary options trading and the risks involved in options Transactions in general and binary options Transactions in particular. Carrying out Transactions is at Client’s sole discretion and Client hereby undertakes the risks involved in such Transactions and has the financial capability to finance the aforesaid Transactions.

2.2.3 In the event of purchasing binary options, the Client might expose himself to considerable loss of the invested money or even to total loss of the Client’s entire investment.

2.2.4 The Client read the terms of trading and purchasing binary options prior to such trading and purchasing and fully understands the consequences and results of success or failure.

2.2.5 The Client knows that incorrect investment may cause considerable loss.

2.2.6 The Client knows that binary option’s lifetime may be as short as a few minutes.

2.2.7 The Client understands that by purchasing the derivatives binary option or Option+, profit is possible only if the transactions’ expiration rates of the indexes, stocks, currencies and commodities which are offered on the Site are higher than the transactions’ purchasing rate of the same asset (CALL option), and in the event that the expiration rate is identical or lower than the purchasing rate, the client loses the invested money (and vice versa when the investment is in PUT option).

2.3 The use of the Site and anyoption’s services is solely designated for sophisticated users with the ability to sustain swift losses up to total loss of the entire invested money. The Client is solely responsible for careful consideration whether such Transactions suit him and his purposes while taking into consideration his resources and his personal circumstances and to understand the implications of Transactions carried out by him. It is highly recommended that the Client consult with tax experts and legal advisors before trading binary options and carrying out any Transactions.