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Anyoption is one of the most trusted binary options brokers in South Africa. As one of the founding binary options brokers we have gained the knowledge and experience to perfect our financial services. As one of the largest binary options brokers internationally, you can be sure that you are in good hands.


  • One Touch

    Binary options are an exciting way of investing in the financial markets. They are also known as digital options or Fixed Return Options (FROs). A binary option is the right to buy (or sell) an underlying asset (stock, commodity, index, or currency pair) at a fixed price, within a specified time frame. Most of our traders usually opt for hourly options meaning their option will expire by the end of the hour. You can also choose options that expire at the end of the day, week or month.

  • Option Plus

    Option+ is a unique trading arena where you can buy an option with a fixed expiry time, but at any given moment you can sell it back to anyoptionâ„¢, whether you are in the money or not - even seconds after purchasing! You can buy and sell as many options as you would like to. Alternatively you can wait for the original expiry.

  • One Touch

    The only form of trading on weekends, when markets are closed. We offer tens of One Touch options on numerous assets and different strike prices. All you have to do is predict whether a price of an asset will touch the strike price even once during the week in order for you to be in the money.

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    Promote and Maintain a sound financial investment environment in South Africa

    Promote and Maintain a sound financial investment environment in South Africa

We hope never to give you any cause for complaint. But if you're ever unhappy with our service you've received, please let us know at complaints@anyoption.com.

Basfour 3773 PTY Ltd T/A AnyOption is a Licensed Financial Services Provider, FSP 42020.
Tel: 031-4640950
Fax: 086-5105569
Email: support@anyoption.co.za
Address: 29 Huntley Place, Malvern, Durban, 4093

The FAIS ombud's role is to mediate fairly and independently between clients and financial services providers on matters to do with financial advice and/or intermediation. The ombud follows the provisions of the Financial Advice and Intermediaries Services Act (FAIS Act).

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What are binary options?

Binary options are a financial investment vehicle, whereby investors open a position on the future direction of the underlying asset. In essence, all a trader needs to do, to profit in a binary options trade, is to correctly predict the direction of movement in the value of a stock, commodity, currency or index.

Unlike any other form of investment, binary options have only two possible outcomes; which is where they got their name in the first place. The two outcomes are known as a trade expiring "In The Money" or "Out Of The Money". If a trade expires in the money, the trader can earn a return as high as 80%. If the trade expires out of the money, the option is rendered useless and the trader loses the capital investment.

When trading binary options, traders are not purchasing shares of a specific asset as they would when investing in the stock market. Instead, binary options traders simply predict the movement of asset values in a wide array of financial markets. This gives binary options traders the opportunity to take part in a fast paced trading environment with very speedy results.

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How to trade binary options?

Trading binary options is a simple 3 step process

Step #1: Choose An Asset " When trading binary options, you'll need to predict the movement in the value of an asset; so, you'll start by choosing an asset.

Step #2: Choose An Expiry Period " This is the amount of time the option will be in live trading status. At the expiry period, the option will expire either in the money or out of the money.

Step #3: Choose The Direction You Expect The Asset To Move "" If you believe that the value of the asset will increase by the end of the expiry period, click ""Call"" to purchase a call option. If you believe that the value of the asset will decrease by the end of the expiry period, click ""Put"" to purchase a put option.

If your predictions are correct, you can earn returns up to 80%! So, what are you waiting for? Start trading now!

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Benefits Of Trading With A South African Binary Options Broker

There are hundreds of binary options brokers around the world these days, but very few are South African brokers. There are several benefits to choosing a South African binary options broker; including, but not limited to...

Familiar Assets " As a binary options trader, it's your job to predict the movement in the prices of specific assets. South African binary options brokers are more likely to have more assets that are familiar to South African traders; making predicting movements easier.

Rules & Regulations " Every country has it's own set of rules and regulations for brokers in just about any financial market to follow. By trading with a South African binary options broker, you can ensure that your broker follows the rules that are important to South African traders!

Get The Data Where You Trade " When trading with a South African broker, you can be sure that the news and insights provided by the broker surrounding assets that are important to you are accurate.

With so many reasons for South African binary options traders to choose South African brokers, it's hard to understand why anyone would choose anyone else.

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